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    We were really spoilt the last visit to Sodwana. The lodge we stayed at was possibly the best there is in Sodwana, for the service and professionalism. Reefteach made us feel at home from day one. Our DM introduced himself the day before and by the time we were onboard we knew we were in safe hands. The scuba diving here is genuinely quite exceptional. The reefs look reasonably pristine, thanks to the diligent work done by the charters to educate their visitors on reef etiquette.

    We saw our first manta at Stringers deep on day two. This specimen must have easily 6 meters wide and sailed through the water with ease and grace. All of us were clicking away and taking hundreds of photos for later viewing. She stuck around for the most part of the dive, swinging around the reef continually.

    Another amazing encounter was a magnificent whale shark that was heading southwest. We were expertly placed by the skipper in front of the largest fish in the world. We paddled alongside, futilely trying to gain distance but she was definitely not hanging around. What an experience! Between dives we were spoilt to a beach breakfast from the Reefteach coordinators.

    The owner gave us a talk on how the reef procreates and well as a talk on how fish are hermaphrodites and change according to a set of rules in nature. The dive masters were also very good at explaining what we could expect to find on each dive.

    Amazing! I totally dare you to do this once in your life, although I suggest you make this a place worth visiting over and over.

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