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    Rhodes Memorial

    Rhodes Memorial St, Table Mountain (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa
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    Packing a couple sandwiches and refreshments, we decided to spend a couple hours at this venue. The stone structure designed by Sir Herbert Baker was built in remembrance of Cecil John Rhodes who was on of South Africa’s politicians in a by-gone era. 

    Hiking is a very popular activity from this venue. The pathways lead up to Devil’s Peak and beyond, all the way to the top of Table Mountain. We spent most of our time walking in and about this amazing Cape granite structure taking a lot of photos. What is awe-inspiring are the large steps and solid stone carved shapes and forms that make this venue one of those “something different” outings.

    Be sure to pack some sunscreen along with your gear and a drink of water at the least. There is sufficient parking unless it’s a perfect day for walking when hundreds of people visit this venue. The walk can be very tiring if you are not a seasoned hiker. If you are not physically fit the walk can be potentially hazardous.

    From Rhodes Memorial you are able to get one the best views of the cities northern suburbs and views of Tableview in the distance, especially at dusk.


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