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    Kirstenbosch Gardens

    0A Rhodes Dr, Wynberg NU (2), Cape Town, 7800, South Africa
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    We decided to visit on a day with little wind and plenty sunshine. It had rained the night before so every leaf was shining and glistening when we arrived early to avoid the masses that visit this world-class botanical garden. Every turn and corner is a photographer’s opportunity, the gardens are in superb condition. One of the obvious points about the garden is that they have no visible public refuse bins. Visitors are expected to take with them what they bring. It was quite a pleasure to see that not one piece of waste paper or plastic was to be seen!

    botanical gardens through the tree capony
    worldwide directions from the restaurant area, kirstenbosch botanical gardens
    large spiders web kirstenbosch botanical gardens
    picnic areas all over the kirstenbosch botanical gardens
    flora and fauna in kirstenbosch botanical gardens
    spring bath in kirstenbosch gardens
    Walking the kirstenbosch botanical gardens
    succulents flowering at kirstenbosch gardens
    cactus family at kirstenbosch botanical gardens

    The park is divided into distinct sections highlighting distinctive growing conditions and plants that thrive in those areas. Our favourite was the  tree-top boardwalk where you are able to walk high up into the canopies. The semi-desert indoor area is also a special place with Cape Town’s very own Baobab! I bet that is the most southern baobab in South Africa!

    There is a waterfall not far from the Gardens. Any visitor is able to walk out of the park into the mountainous upper area, along the skeletal gorge route, and explore the waterfall and interlocking pathways that criss-cross on your walk up. Take some water with if you decide to go that route, or bring a blanket and pillows if you really want to relax and enjoy the scenery. Depending on if you prefer the quiet or bustle of people, we highly recommend you visit on a weekday to have the park mostly to yourself.

    If you love taking photos, this venue has much to offer the keen eye. A macro lens is an advantage! Tickets are available at the entrance.

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