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    Butterfly World

    Adam Tas St, South Africa
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    Although it is quite a drive from Cape Town, Butterfly World is ideal for those going on a wine tour or want to take a drive out close to Stellenbosch. We decided to have a look and were amazed at what we found. The main area is a walk-in butterfly garden, where the butterflies hatch from a special hatching board. All their favourite plants and flowers have been incorporated to make it a perfect habitat.

    There are quite a few different sections including a parrot section with birds that are all in a huge sanctuary and reptile/amphibian sections with many amazing creatures. The climbing Giant Green Iguanas were my favourites, scattered throughout the enclosure. Most of the animals and birds brought here were rescued of donated from SPCA and animal cruelty.

    One of our most favourite section was the bone section, showing off a multitude of complete skeletons of birds and reptiles and many others including a huge giraffe!.  If you have a few hours to spare and would like to see something different add this to your bucket list of things to do!

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