the beginning of a journey

The beginning of an amazing journey

It is a rare moment in most people’s lives to be able to say, “I am exactly where I want to be!” Today is one of those days. I am not in any fancy resort, nor have I done a perfect dive or skied off the alps! I am sitting right at home. The reason for it being one of those spectacular moments is because I have a moment of clarity. It’s that instant when you can literally see the future unfolding and revealing in colour, when a plan comes together.

Realizing the dream

This was when I met my soul mate! Have you ever met yours? I tell you, it is a unique experience, we fit so well together on all aspects, it blew me away at first. How can this be? She is perfect for me! So after meeting her, a lot changed. My plans, my ideas, my reason for living. And so a crossroads occurred and life took another turn. We both generally have the same ideas and want similar things from life. One of them is the search for adventure! Our thirst for the outdoors tops the charts! So we decided to start this business, with a plan to visit every destination listed on here as a way of ensuring we get to experience what they have on offer. The result is a long-term dedication to adventure coupled with first-hand experience.

Foreseeing the future!

Expect great things to happen on this website, we are totally dedicated to making our dreams your reality. We love our lifestyle and we would love to share our experiences with you!

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