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Looking for something different? Something out of the ordinary? Let’s explore options! We have put together a host of exciting activity based packages for singles, couples, families and large groups to allow for the ultimate in holiday experience. Have a bucket-list? We would love to help you realize your dream trips with hand-picked experienced operators with many years of hands-on knowledge.

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We organise trips according to your activity preferences. In other words each trip is custom built to provide you with an amazing experience! Contact us for more information today.

Travel Arrangements

How much of your trip do you want to plan yourself? Have you sorted out a visa before? Would you prefer we sort that out for you? Have you found the best flight tickets prices? We can do the shopping around for the best prices, from flights to accommodation.

Private Guide

Having a specialist on your trip is enriching and educational. Choose from our list of private guides, all specialising in various aspects of wildlife and specialist sporting activities.

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Each week we put together something interesting to read related to adventure above and below the water-line. Have an interesting story to share? Send us an email and we will consider your story for everyone else to read, like and share!

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Life is all about living. There is no greater time to do something amazing than right now. No one is ever ready until that they make that first step into the unknown. This is your day to discover what’s waiting out there for you!

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We post blogs on a weekly basis to let people know what’s going on and where are currently the best places are to travel. Please like and share our blg posts on FaceBook. We also invite you to comment and create some discussion. Essentially the blogs are for you, our valued readers.

the beginning of a journey

The beginning of an amazing journey

It is a rare moment in most people’s lives to be able to say, “I am exactly where I want to be!” Today is...

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